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The employment law specialists the Arbitration and Conciliation Service ACAS include Dyslexia and other forms of Nurodiversity on their website.


There is a link here to their Neurodiversity page here ACAS

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Dyslexia Training

Welcome, I provide both training and consultancy services for employers around dyslexia and associated issues.

There are many providers interacting with dyslexics, and providing dyslexia testing.

There are very few who are able to provide training and support to a broad range of organisations, in how to understand dyslexia, manage dyslexia, support dyslexia and get the best from their dyslexic workers.

Dyslexia causes difficulties in learning and assimilating information critical to your organisation.  Employers need to know who their dyslexics are – and this means that a culture of informed openness is also important.

It is also legally mandated, because the Equality Act of 2010 makes it clear that dyslexia and dyspraxia are to be treated as if they were disabilities – so giving legal protection to employees.

But dyslexia is much more than that simple issue. The dyslexic brings with them many qualities which are often overlooked or miss-managed by organisations and managers who don’t recognise that about 1 in 10 people are dyslexic.

It’s not just a managers responsibility though, other team members have their part to play in creating the team dynamics and the environment where the dyslexic can fully contribute to the agenda.

They can only do this effectively if they are ‘Dyslexia Aware’.

I am very happy to discuss and explore your specific needs.

Denis McCann