Dyslexia Awareness for Teachers:

Often overlooked in our schools, or seen as the SENCO’s job, yet it is the Teacher who is most likely to see the signs that a child is dyslexic, and be positioned to make a real difference to the life of that child. Do your teachers recognise dyslexia? Do they understand how to interact with the dyslexic child? Do they understand how simple well intentioned interactions can have a devastating effect? Do they know how to adapt their delivery to meet the needs of the dyslexic child?

I may include sessions covering:

  • What is dyslexia – an introduction
  • Myths of dyslexia
  • Making Reasonable adjustments
  • The personal perspective – what it is like to be an undiagnosed dyslexic child in a non –dyslexic world.
  • Supporting the dyslexic child in your teaching and testing methods
  • Testing Regimes

However I will create bespoke sessions for your organisation’s specific needs.

For more information please contact me