Role Model

From an early start – there was something not quite right – the world didn’t work as I was expected to believe it would – little did I know then that my Dyslexic Cognitive profile would lead me through trial, torment and distress, through to success, learning and recognition.

School became problematical – tables, spelling and handwriting caused issues, ultimately disruption and truancy stepped into my life.

As I grew I developed what I now knows as coping strategies – I was able to progress and develop, challenging the boundaries and perceptions surrounding Dyslexia.

As someone formally diagnosed with a dyslexic cognitive profile only in later life, I have engaged in a successful career for over 31 years in the Fire & Rescue Service. I have during that time progressed, through the ranks, until I was a senior strategic manager within the organisation. I have completed academic study, examination and testing, I have been responsible for designing competency based training systems

I have operated both within the organisation, but also within the local political arena and with the media, including working ‘live’ on the BBC.

41617_1185434865I have been involved in a significant number of serious incidents including being tasked to take command and save the electrical switching station at Walham during the 2007 Gloucester floods, an incident with a national impact and international interest.

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As a trained Dyslexia Support Advisor I have delivered many Dyslexia Awareness sessions and supported dyslexic employees. I am a qualified and widely experienced trainer and I have a broad experience studying dyslexia, and living and working as a dyslexic

I know and understand my dyslexia and I am able to relate to my time in school and employment and to show how dyslexia has supported me to reach my goals.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with groups of younger people to show that dyslexia need not be a barrier to you.

Denis McCann

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